SANAS Guaranol Mega Forte

SANAS Guaranol Mega Forte

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Guarana is a natural form of caffeine that is extracted from the seeds of the South American plant Paullinia cupana. These contain on average twice as much caffeine as coffee beans.
The caffeine in guarana (guaranine) is slowly released into the body so that the stimulating effect lasts several hours and no side effects (such as anxiety, insomnia and stomach aches) may occur.

An ampoule contains 160 mg of caffeine, the equivalent of 2 or 3 cups of coffee. In addition, we've added fructose for quick energy and taurine for focus and concentration. Furthermore GUARANOL MEGA FORTE contains the mineral magnesium and a vitamin complex to support various processes in the body.

Available in the following packaging: Box wih 30 ampoules