Ridea Elliptic Chain Rings - Semi Full Plate (Power Rings)

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LS R4-SH - W2T  W3T  Duo Powerings 

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For 11s 4-spider Shimano cranks 

Material    : ALLOY 7075

Derailleur Compatibility : 9-11 speeds
Fitted : SHIMANO only

 LS R4-SH    W2T / W3T  (BCD 110) :

 W2T    50T / 34T       52T / 36T      53T / 39T

 W3T    50T / 34T      52T / 36T       53T / 39T

Chain Ring Caps : 

TQSH 4 pcs for Shimano rings -90xx, -68xx, -58xx

W2T is 2T less than all-round ring on the shorter side, and 2T more on the larger side. W2T has the best ergonomic property for average training and casual racing. Once you find riding W1T easy, your thigh and buttocks muscles should be now in a perfection condition for race and challenges.

W3T is 3T less than all-round ring on the shorter side, and 3T more on the larger side. W3T is a perfect training chain ring for intensive power training, its +3T curvature can maximize your muscle boost and helps enhance racing performance. Recommended for training and short distance race.