Sanas Endurance Salty Peanut Bar 12 PACK

Sanas Endurance Salty Peanut Bar 12 PACK

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The development of this bar was done in a very scientific way: the ratio glucose:fructose is 2:1 to maximize the uptake of carbohydrates by the body. We've added sodium to compensate the loss during sweating and magnesium that contributes to a reduction of tiredness. Endurance bar is low in fat but, unlike many bars in this segment, very easy to eat, even at very high or low temperatures.


oat flakes, puffed rice (rice, oat and wheat flour, barley malt extract, sugar, whey powder, salt and dextrose), glucose syrup, fructose syrup, almond, maltodextrine, oat fiber, wheat protein, milk protein, cocoa powder, sodium citrate, aroma, magnesium carbonate

12 bars