Time Atac Xc 6 Pedals France Edt

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The ATAC XC 6 is made for XC mountain bike riders and gravel cyclists. It features a chromed, hollow steel axle for lightness and durability, a composite body and tension adjustment to adjust the feel of the pedal. The exclusive ATAC system (TIME patent) offers very easy engagement and its open design automatically clears debris each time you step in. The ATAC XC 6 is also suitable for cyclocross, trail riding and bike touring.


Accessories: ATAC cleats

Axle component: Hollow steel axle

Bearings: Steel bearings

Body component: Glass-filled

Cleats: ATAC Cleats

Materials: Composite body

Tension: 3 different positions of the spring

Threading: 9/16 - 20 inch

Weight 290

Colour: Black
Discipline: Mountain
Material: Composite

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