Time Atac Xc 8 Pedals

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The ATAC XC ABSALON is the pedal preferred by competitive cyclocross, mountain bike riders and gravel road riders. It features the lightness of a carbon body and the durability of a chromed, hollow oversized steel axle. The exclusive ATAC system (TIME patent) offers very easy engagement and its open design automatically clears debris each time you step in. The ATAC XC 8 is also a great choice for trail riding or bike touring.


Accessories: ATAC cleats

Axle component: Hollow steel

Axle Bearings: Steel bearings

Body component: Carbon-filled

Cleats: ATAC

Materials: Carbon body

Tension: 3 different positions of the spring

Threading: 9/16 - 20 inch

Weight 286

Type: Clip In Bike Pedals
Colour: Black
Discipline: Mountain
Material: Carbon