effetto mariposa - Cleaning, Lubricants, Tubeless & Tubular kits

Effetto Mariposa specializes in bicycle torque wrenches (Giustaforza family), accessories for tubeless  (Caffélatex family, Tyreinvader) or tubular tyres (Carogna family), visco-elastic protective films (Shelter family) and… much more. Everything is designed and developed for cycling purpose.

Effetto Mariposa was born in 2007 with Giustaforza, the first torque wrench specially designed for cycling. Why did we do it? Because we think that every bicycle equipped with high-end components deserves a professional maintenance, with professional tools. After more than ten years, Giustaforza is still the benchmark in the industry.

Another example? Caffélatex, the first foaming tubeless sealant with no ammonia, was born from our lack of satisfaction for the products already on the market, and we wanted to offer a better sealant with winning features.

Caffélatex has been improved and enhanced during the years and now is one of the best selling bicycles sealants worldwide.

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