Elves Bikes - New Bike on the Block!!

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The Elves Vanyar light-weight, carbon road bike is the latest to hit the road from Elves and worth a serious look as the specs are high end for a great price. Check out this detailed (unbiased) product review on YouTube (TIP: skip straight to 3:20).

The biggest reason we've added this bike to our range is because it goes head to head with some of the more expensive and well known brands. Having seen the quality and finish, it's definitely worth considering if you're looking for a bike that delivers on:

  • Being one of the lightest frame sets on the market at a mere 750g (size 46)
  • One piece molding technology - where else can you find that for this price?
  • T1000 TORAY® Carbon Fiber ensures this bike offers the ideal blend if light overall weight and targeted stiffness!

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Pineapple + Orange Mimosas from Skratch

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Even accomplishments that feel small (i.e., running a little further than you did last week, exchanging that extra high five with a competitor, navigating a difficult day with grace) deserve a little celebration. Here's one of our favourite "drinkable" ways to raise glasses...from Skratch!

Pineapple + Orange Mimosas from Skratch - serves 4

    1. Mix the orange juice, pineapple juice and orange Skratch together with a whisk to be sure its well combined.
    2. Split the juice mixture evenly between four champagne flutes. Top with champagne.
    3. Serve each glass topped with two skewered orange Sport Energy Chews and enjoy!

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    Five tips for better fueling

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    Fueling for endurance activities requires training in itself – practice and experiment to nail down a strategy that works for you.  Dr. Allen Lim from Skratch Labs shares some of his tips after decades of coaching pro endurance athletes to help you find a fuel & hydration strategy that will make your body & mind perform better.

    1. Eat & Drink Early & Consistently

    Create a schedule for eating and drinking so that you don’t get behind.

    2. Don’t Just Drink Water

    When we sweat - we lose water and electrolytes - 90% of which is salt or sodium chloride. Between sodium and chloride, it’s sodium that is most important for us to replace.

    3. Eat Real Food

    While pre-packaged foods like bars, gels, and chews are convenient and tout performance, it’s important to realize that real food can work just as well if not better than engineered nutrition and is likely going to be easier to digest.  

    4. Learn What you Need in Training

    Competition day is not the day that you want to be experimenting with yourself or your fuel. So try different hydration and fueling strategies during training well before the big day.

    5. Come in Well-Fed and Well-Rested

    While proper training is obviously important, making sure you are well rested coming into an event is sometimes even more critical. 

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    Skratch Labs Cycling Nutrition

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    Skratch Labs Cycling Nutrition Range
    • Drink when thirsty and leaking like a busted fire hydrant.
    • Don’t drink while deep in the middle of a Netflix marathon session or sending emails (unless, you’re also on your trainer).
    • Meaning, if you haven’t earned it, you don’t deserve it.

    Want free shipping with your Skratch order? Sign up here >>

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    Q Card Finance is HERE

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    We have great news for your finance options in store, we have the Q Card option for those items in your dream bucket for you to pay off and get them now. Please use this LINK to apply for finance so we can get your rolling on those new bikes & wheels. Email us with any issues.

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