Keith Bikes


Keith Bike Co, Ltd, or "Keithbike" as we prefer to call it, was established in the year 2000 in Hualien city, in its own Hualien County, eastern Taiwan's most beautiful area and a jewel in the crown of "La Isla Formosa" Taiwan.

Unpolluted, clean; with the majestic central mountains as a backdrop and the deep blue Pacific Ocean washing its shores, Hualien is the perfect place to dream of, to design, to construct, and finally to test our all-consuming passion – expert level composite technology bicycles.

From all of us at Keithbike, we can only say one thing: WE ARE READY TO AMAZE YOU!


A skilled craftsman since childhood, Kuo Shi developed expertise in spray painting static models that led to his artistry extending to painting cars, motorcycles, and yachts. His professionalism encompasses knowledge in coating, coloring, and cover ratios. He later became addicted to bike riding, devoting 100% his skills for bicycles. He begin designing and offering a total solution in bicycle painting for mountain, triathlon, and sports bikes. He knowledge extends to expertise in the bike structure and ergonomics.


The Ever-island Group (EIG) is a leading green tech and entertainment group. EIG announced making strategic investment to Keith Bike International. Keith Bike International is an advanced composite bicycle designer and manufacturer. Both parties have formed a joint venture together known as “Keith Bike International Co, LTD”.

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