Crash Replacement

Crash Replacement

If you damage your Velocite product beyond repair, and it is not covered by the Velocite Limited Warranty, we will sell you a similar product at 40% below the Velocite MSP (minimum selling price). The Crash Replacement Policy applies to the original buyer and is valid  for a period of 3 years (wheels 2 years) after initial purchase.

Velocite will make the final determination on whether any returned product is covered by the Crash Replacement Policy.

The Velocite Crash replacement Policy is only valid if the products have been registered with Velocite. You can register your products by clicking here: Product registration form


  1. All returning products require a Return Merchant Authorization (RMA) issued by Velocite prior to being returned. To receive an RMA, use our contact form here: Contact us, or click here: Product Return Form
  2. Crash replacement will be performed by Velocite or a Velocite authorized dealer.
  3. Under no circumstance does the Crash Replacement Policy include the cost of shipment or transportation to or from Velocite or an authorized Velocite dealer.

Proof of purchase from an authorized Velocite dealer, or our online shop is required for any Crash Replacement Policy claim.