Bryton Gardia R300L Rear Radar

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Boost your biking confidence with the Bryton GARDIA R300L rearview radar. This innovative combination of rearview radar and tail light offers dual protection as you ride. When vehicles approach from behind, the Bryton GARDIA R300L provides notifications to compatible bike computers and the GARDIA app, while also altering its light modes to signal oncoming traffic.

Look Out Behind You

Feel secure as you ride with the Bryton GARDIA R300L. Detecting vehicles approaching from up to 190 meters behind you, the GARDIA R300L radar sensor seamlessly interfaces with compatible bike computers to offer visual and auditory alerts, ensuring your safety.

Shining a Light on Potential Threats

Stay ahead of surprises with the Bryton GARDIA R300L rearview radar while cycling. It automatically assesses the risk posed by vehicles approaching from behind, adapting its warning signals according to their speed.

Auto Light Change

When linked to Bryton bike computers that are compatible, the GARDIA R300L employs the computer’s internal light sensor to adapt its lighting mode in response to the prevailing light conditions. If it detects ample light, the rear light switches to a daytime flashing mode to save battery. In contrast, in low-light situations, the tail light automatically transitions to nighttime flashing.

Brake Detection

With its integrated G-sensor, the Bryton GARDIA radar tail light can sense your braking actions and signal nearby vehicles by illuminating a brake light, reducing the risk of accidents when decelerating or braking suddenly.

ANT+ Light Network

By harnessing its integrated ANT+ capability, the GARDIA R300L rearview radar and tail light can establish connections with compatible bike headlights and computers. This network empowers you to control both the headlights and tail lights directly from your bike computer, allowing functions like power on/off and light mode adjustments.

Increase Your Visibility

The Bryton GARDIA R300L rearview radar and tail light is ingeniously crafted to make cyclists stand out, ensuring they don’t fade into the scenery for approaching vehicles. In daylight, the running light employs a distinctive flashing pattern, extending visibility to oncoming traffic by up to 1.6 kilometers.

Variable Light Modes

Equipped with multiple lighting modes, the Bryton GARDIA R300L ensures you’re always visible while cycling. These modes encompass high solid, low solid, day flash, night flash, light off, and a group ride mode. Furthermore, when linked to a compatible bike computer, you can effortlessly modify the lighting modes from your display.

Time Remaining on Battery

If you’re tired of converting battery percentage into remaining hours for your lights, there’s a solution. With a compatible Bryton bike computer or the GARDIA app, you can connect to the GARDIA R300L and have the precise remaining battery hours displayed on your screen. This makes planning your rides and settings easier.

Powerful Rechargeable Battery

With up to 17 hours of battery life in day flash mode and a solid 12 hours in solid mode on a single charge, the GARDIA R300L rearview radar and tail light is your reliable companion for adventures of any distance. Plus, it automatically dims when the battery is low, preserving energy for the long haul. Recharging is a breeze with the convenient USB Type-C port.

All-in-one Mounting System

The Bryton GARDIA R300L boasts an ingenious all-in-one mounting solution, eliminating the need for intricate light installations. Just secure the GARDIA R300L rearview radar in your desired location, and you’re good to hit the road! The accompanying mount accommodates 27.2mm, 30.9mm, 31.6mm D cross-section, and aero cross-section seat posts.
Radar sensor: 190 meters away.
- Threat level: warning light to alert the vehicles coming from behind.
- Auto Light Change: Built-in light sensor.
- Brake Detection: G-sensor.
- ANT+ Light Network: enabling both headlights and tail lights to be controlled right from bike computers.
- Increase Your Visibility: 1.6km.
- Variable Light Modes: high solid, low solid, day flash, night flash, light off and a group ride mode.
- Time Remaining on Battery: displayed right on your screen.
- Powerful Rechargeable Battery: 17 hours of battery life in day flash mode and up to 12 hours in solid mode on a single charge.
- All-in-one Mounting System: 27.2mm,30.9mm,31.6mm D cross-section, and aero cross section seat post.
- Width: 40.0 mm
- Height: 97.0 mm
- Depth: 20.9 mm
- Weight: 66 g
- Waterproof: IPX7
- Viewing Angle: 220°
- LED Indicator: ANT+ & Bluetooth Link / Power
- High Solid: 8 hrs - 20 lms
- Low Solid: 12 hrs - 5 lms
- Day Flash: 17 hrs - 73 lms
- Night Flash: 17 hrs - 12 lms
- Group Ride: 11 hrs - 12 lms
- Light Off: 24 hrs

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