ELVES 2024 MAGICAL OSSE PRO - 3D printed saddle

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ELVES MAGICAL OSSE PRO - 3D printed saddle

The ELVES MAGICAL OSSE PRO 3D printed saddle is both lightweight and powerful, a true industry disruptor designed for marginal gains.

Liquid 3D Printed Technology - Full Uni-Directional Carbon Fibre Base

It is often thought that the concept behind the 3D saddle is primarily about comfort. However, arguably, the biggest merit is the increase in wattage due to the pelvis and the saddle being fully aligned.

The application of a saddle differs depending on the thickness of the pad. A highly padded saddle absorbs vibration and provides a softer more comfortable ride over shorter distances. Conversely, thinly padded saddles are more commonly associated with sports cycling, or longer distances, and are ordinarily lighter in weight.

At Elves Bikes, we are focused on competitive riding and supporting our riders to achieve marginal gains, this extends to our saddles. Our Magical Osse Pro 3D printed saddle has three separate areas of padding to achieve lightweight and comfortable cushioning. By separating the cushioning, it reduces the burden and friction of the rider, whilst also supporting the movement of the hip joint when peddling. This creates greater stabilisation of the rider’s core trunk resulting in improved efficiency, and increased power being transmitted directly to the pedals.

These saddles are available in two sizes; 135mm which weighs in at 170g +/-15% and 155mm which weighs in at 180g +/-15%.


3D printing cushion
Width: 135mm / 155mm
Length: 250mm
Weight: 135MM weight 170g, 155MM weight 180g
Material: TPU / carbon fiber
Base plate: Marble pattern carbon fiber
Panel: 3D printed honeycomb drainage holes
Printing: Partition printing
Colours: Black / Pink / White
Sitting rail: 7x10mm (please check your seat post for compatibility)
Warranty: One year Factory Defect warranty for non-human damage