Monton Sports mask with KN95 filter and valve (Black or Grey)

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Sports mask with KN95 filter and valve

Washable composite waterproof mask is equipped with breathing valve and replaceable KN95 filter. The valve lets air out more easily, which makes breathing more comfortable. It should also keep the mask less sweaty. Hanging ear design with hook and loop fasteners fits better on the face. The elastic band is very elastic and soft and does not make the ears uncomfortable.

KN95 mask filter with 5 layer protection is equipped with adjustable aluminum strips on the nose pads ensure a secure closure.
1. The first breathable plastic layer conforms to the contours of the face and blocks larger particles.
2. The second activated carbon filter layer absorb chemical infection in the air.
3. The third meltblown layer helps filter harmful smaller substances like 0.30 micron dust.
4. Fourth meltblown reinforcement layer, enhanced filtration of 0.03 micron PM2.5 particles.
5. Fifth non-woven layer is soft, breathable and skin friendly.