Orome Valar Disc Carbon Wheelsets - TH50mm (Orome Ceramic Bearings)

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Introducing our latest wheelset, the OROME VALAR TH Series — The perfect balance of lightweight, aerodynamics and price. The Valar TH is an aero wheelset for the modern road bike.

The Valar TH Series rims are made from Toray T800 carbon fibre, we then face the rim with 24K carbon fibre, to give it its unique look. With TPI ceramic bearings and CNC Hub, the a star ratchet system is equal to DT Swiss 240s hub in terms of performance. Combined with Pillar triple butted PSR TB2015 super-light aero spokes. The Valar TH wheels are designed to go fast, up the hills and across the flats.

With an approximate weight of 1445g, the Valar TH Series Wheels won’t hold you back.

The Valar TH Series disc-brake wheels have a 22mm internal and 29mm external width, which is perfect for running wider tubeless tires at reduced air pressure. Offering a more comfortable and smoother ride. The transition between the tire and the rim becomes seamless and more aero, which contributes to create a faster and more stable wheelset.

VALAR TH Series Wheelset have been assembled with custom ceramic bearings and a CNC hub, the hubs driver system is equal to DT Swiss’ star ratchet system. The key internal components in TH hub have been designed to achieve the highest performance. With quick engagement and a high load capacity, the Valar TH have you performing in all riding conditions.

The Valar TH require less maintenance and built with long term durability in mind. No special tools are required for routine maintenance.

Both the TH Series Rim Brake and Disc Brake hubs are constructed with our high-quality 6pcs TPI ceramic bearings. TPI ceramic bearing will make your wheels roll faster, saving you energy and allowing faster cruising speeds. Another advantage of ceramic bearings is its resistant to corrosion, it's harder and will last longer in everyday use.

Valar TH Series Wheelsets use Pillar PSR TB2015 triple butted spokes, made from T302+ stainless steel. Pillars’ cold drawn technology produces spokes that have 3 different diameters in the one spoke. The PSR spoke is four times stronger than the standard spoke, in the extension strength test. One PSR TB2015 spoke weighs only 4.3g for the 260mm length. The same weight as a SPAIM CX-Ray 260mmm spoke.

Super strong and light! The TH Series Wheels use Pillar TG aluminum nipples. Which are designed to attain maximum grip without the use of adhesives. Due to its unique design, the TG nipple will lock itself to the spoke thread as the tension is increased. Eliminating the risk of coming loose while riding.

Both our Valar TH and Valar DT Series Wheels use the same Toray T800 carbon lay-up construction for the rims. To visually differentiate the wheels, we have faced the rim surface of TH Series with 24k carbon fibre, and used a marbling carbon fibre for the DT Series. Both are ultra-light rim design.

Our engineers have optimised the rim carbon layup. They have designed the rims with high tensile strength carbon fibre at the most crucial points to improve rim stiffness. Then using thinner prepregs for better control over the layup, making the same wall thickness with more carbon layers, resulting in a lighter rim weight.

The Zero-Coating design we use on the surface of our carbon products, is a tier-one factory process, it is an extremely difficult technology, with only a select few factories having mastered the process. Zero-Coating Technology shows the fine fibre structure of the carbon rim, giving each wheel a unique and individual touch, while also reducing the rim weight. The Valar TH Series Rims are made with the Zero-Coating Technology on 24K carbon fibre surface. Saving about 15g per rim. We then paint a clear coat on 25% of the surface, with the rest of the 24K Carbon fibre as it came out of the mould. Creating an end result which has a unique and beautiful finish.

Tubeless Compatible. All of OROME VALAR wheels are tubeless compatible with bead seat retention system. Reinforced carbon hooks and an internal width of 19mm for the rim brake and 22mm for the disc brake rims ensure a wider range of compatibility with tubeless tire manufacturers.

Tubeless systems are designed to run at lower pressures, providing a more compliant and comfortable ride. To setup your wheels all you’ll need, is a set of tubeless tires, a floor pump, tubeless rim tape and sealant. For easy access to the spoke holes we haven’t sealed the spoke holes, make replacing spokes a much easier task.

The VALAR wheels are also compatible with traditional clincher tires and tubes.

TH50D (Disc brake wheelsets)

  • Ultralight 50mm Height Toray T800 Carbon Fibre Rim
  • Aerodynamic Profile With 24K Carbon Fibre Surface
  • 22mm Internal Width And 29mm External Width Clincher Rim
  • Tubeless Compatible (Supports Tubeless Tires From 23-45mm)
  • Zero-Coating Finished Technology
  • Custom Ceramic Bearings CNC Hub With 52T Star Ratchet System
  • Supplied With Standard Shimano Compatible 11s Freehub Body
  • SRAM XDR Freehub, Shimano 12S MS Freehub Also Available Upon Request
  • Pillar PSR TB2015 Stainless Spokes
  • Pillar TG Aluminium Nipples With Spacers
  • Compatible With Front:12x100 Rear:12x142 Thru-Axles