Squirt SEAL Tyre Sealant 120ml Easyfill Pouch

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The new 120ml Easyfill pouch is made from a flexible laminate material that’s durable enough to toss in a bike travel bag or toolbox, yet is 33% lighter than their outgoing bottle and increases bulk packaging efficiency by up to 53%.

Squirt says the packaging can be up-cycled into new materials for use in road construction, roofing, and decking… but I guess that depends on where it goes after you toss it in your recycling bin. They also claim the packaging is re-usable for other purposes, but I can’t really imagine what you’d re-use the empty pouch for–maybe cut it into strips for a tire boot? One indisputable ‘plus’ is that the sealant itself is biodegradable

The new pouch package slides over any standard Presta valve for spill-free top-ups, and is marked in milliliters so you know how much sealant you’re putting in your tire. Completely filling a 29” MTB tire requires 100-120mls, 26”/27.5” tires take 80-100mls, and road/gravel tires require between 60-90mls.

One pouch could fully seat one new MTB tire, two road tires, or provide several top-ups of either. The pouch also includes written instructions to ensure easy top-ups.