tailwind nutrition - 50 serve pouch 1350g - Various Flavours

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Tailwind’s endurance fuel is all you need to go all day. Just pour, shake, and go. Most drinks require you to supplement calories and don’t contain enough of what is needed to replace what you sweat out. Tailwind, by sipping it regularly gives you steady energy all day. Tailwind also provides the perfect blend of ingredients that mimic the composition and proportions of sweat, so you don't have to take separate products to make up for what's not in your drink.

- Provides everything you need — no need to juggle gels, pills, or chews

- Tastes great hour after hour so you can drink and fuel from start to finish

- Hydration pack friendly!

- Dissolves easily and rinses clean

- Natural gluten-free ingredients and flavours

Non GMO Dextrose (Glucose), Non GMO Sucrose, Acidity Regulators ( Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate), Sea Salt, Organic Flavours, Minerals (Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Citrate) with Green Coffee Bean extract for the Caffeinated Range.

How do I mix Tailwind?
Pour 1 (27g) -2 scoops in a bottle (500-600ml) for less than 2 hour workouts or 2-3 scoops for
longer grunts. Shake with cool water and go!
Start with 100-200 calories per hour for shorter/less intense workouts and 200-300 calories
(maximum our bodies can digest) per hour for endurance workouts or races; adjust up or down as
Example: 6hr endurance event, 1200-1800 cal required on average (depending on your
size/weight) = 12-18 scoops or 2-3 scoops/hr. The latest hydration research tells us to consume
500ml/hr during exercise, but to drink to thirst.
Tailwind can be pre-mixed up to 3 days before use, just shake prior to consumption.