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Well we finally got some cool sunglasses into our store, while on holiday on good old Waiheke Island we went into a surf shop for a browse as you do.

Always looking for great products we saw these in a nice shiny cabinet and thinking wow these look like great cycling glasses and stand out from the group. 

When we got back to Auckland off the email went to Pitviper and found the friendly people replied saying yes we can get them to you all great humans.

So here we are doing our team proud for NZ and making your ride as cool as possible. Support local as we support local distributors like ourselves who ensure we keep these great products and prices for you to enjoy them and not spend a small fortune on other brands.

The Leonardo Polarized has a bit of news:

UV Protection: 100%
Light Transmission: 14.6%
Lens: 1.2mm High Index Plastic
Look Thru Color: Rose\Grey

Let's get down to business.
Are you thinking of Leonardo da Vinci or Leonardo da Ninja Turtle? Masterpiece or Master Splinter? Either really. Dominate your field with the blue and splatter neon green frame. This blue-tinted and blue-green mirrored, polarized lens will keep the Foot Clan away.

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