Orome Valar Carbon Wheelsets: Lightweight Performance for Road Bikes

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Orome Valar wheelsets have been making waves in the cycling world, offering a compelling combination of lightweight performance, impressive features, and attractive pricing. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist looking to shave seconds off your personal bests or a weekend warrior seeking an upgrade for your road bike, Orome Valar wheels are worth considering.


Focus on Lightweight Performance
  • Orome Valar uses Toray T800 carbon fiber in their rims, a well-regarded material known for its strength and stiffness-to-weight ratio. They claim to further optimise the layup process by using thinner layers of carbon, resulting in lighter rims without sacrificing strength. This translates to a more responsive ride, especially when climbing hills or accelerating.
Two Series to Choose From
  • Orome Valar offers two main wheelset series: the TH and the BH. The TH series focuses on aerodynamics, featuring a 50mm deep rim profile that slices through the wind with ease. The BH series offers a slightly shallower 45mm rim depth, making it a good choice for those who prioritize a balance between aerodynamics and weight savings. Both series come in rim brake and disc brake options, allowing you to choose the compatibility that best suits your bike.
Tubeless Compatibility and Ceramic Bearings
  • A major advantage of Orome Valar wheelsets is their tubeless compatibility. Tubeless tires offer several benefits, including improved puncture resistance, lower rolling resistance, and a more comfortable ride. The wheels also feature ceramic bearings in the hubs, which are known for their low friction and increased durability compared to traditional steel bearings.

Considering Orome Valar Wheelsets

While Orome Valar wheelsets may not be the most established brand on the market, they present an interesting option for cyclists seeking high-performance carbon wheels at a competitive price point. Customers who have tried these wheels, like Tony are having a great experience:

The last set of wheels I rode had DT Swiss 350 hubs - the new wheels have DT Swiss 240/s there is a big difference in rolling capacity between the 2 hubs with the 240/s being far superior.

I weigh 78kg and noted no side movement when standing up to ride a climb which is great as in the past, wheels I have ridden rub on the brake pads which is frustrating.

I live in the Coromandel, and we have several long downhill roads and the wheels handle like a dream you can push them hard into corners and it feels safe, as above the hubs come into their own.

The wheels do not overheat under braking again another positive
Cross winds on the downhill and flat are not an issue with the wheel dept the wheels stay solid.

As per my comments on the climbing the wheels are stiff but not over the top where you feel every bump in the road, they do absorb the shock
Overall, I am very happy and would have no issues in purchasing another set when required.

Overall, Orome Valar carbon wheelsets offer a promising combination of features and value. If you're looking to upgrade your road bike with lightweight, aerodynamic wheels without breaking the bank, Orome Valar is definitely a brand worth exploring.

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