Why Buy an Elves Frameset?

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

"I have ridden this Elves frame 5 times already after swapping all my gear off old bike. First impression after unboxing is WOW the paint job is outstanding, first ride was WOW again!!! I stood up and felt how stiff and responsive this frame is. I recommend this frame to anyone, check the price out as well, as it can't be beaten."

Elves frames are known for their excellent paint quality, wide range of colour options (including custom finishes) and their light weight frames.

Plus, you can't go past Elves sizing. Often bikes stop at 49 or 52, whereas Elves can provide bikes in a much larger range of sizes, to ensure your riding is exactly what you want. Whether that's because you're smaller in stature and want a smaller bike, or you race, and you want to be as aero and light as possible.

Check out Trev's rangle of Elves Framesets, Wheels and Bars below. If you need help building the perfect bike, get in touch.


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