Review: Bryton Gardia R300L vs. the Garmin Varia RTL

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

Today we're reviewing the Bryton Gardia R300L - a bike radar and tail light combo against a competitor - the Garmin Varia.

In summary, the Bryton Gardia R300L is superior in several ways, including:

  • Radar range: The Bryton has a radar that can detect cars from 190 meters away, while the Garmin Varia RTL can only detect cars from 140 meters away.
  • Mount: The Bryton's mount is more secure than the Garmin Varia RTL's.
  • Light modes: The Bryton Guardia R300L has several different light modes, including a solid light, a dimmer solid light, a pulse light, and a flashing light. 
  • Brightness: The Bryton is brighter than the Garmin Varia RTL.
  • Price: The Bryton Gardia R300L costs NZD$190 from TrevsCycleShop, while the Garmin Varia RTL costs NZD$399 (at the time this was written, from the Garmin NZ store).

"Like having eyes in the back of your head! Thoroughly recommend, the best piece of biking equipment I have ever bought. Great service from Trev!" Alan B.

"Bike Radar an essential for riding on NZ roads!!! Works great." Carl P.


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