2019 Cycling Update - Factor One & BLKTEC C1c

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

2019 is here and what an awesome summer we are having in NZ, perfect weather to leave the car at home and ride to work. Watching the traffic jams from the Auckland cycleways makes you smile as you whizz past the chaos and get that much needed workout.

Having only done some testing we have got some serious KMs under my belt testing this Factor Bike & WOW WOW WOW

Having not ridden for over a few months my first fast ride was like i was already a PRO, the ease at which the pedals just keep on turning (Ceramic Speed Bearings) the acceleration is thrilling as you step harder on the pedals and catch the wheel in front and having to free wheel just to not overtake (Yes BLKTEC Carbon wheels keep you rolling fast)

With my fitness way below par the rides leave me less tired and keeping up with the fast pack at 42 - 48 km/h on the flats i felt great and my little legs had lots left in them for more hammering. Having tested numerous bikes this one makes me want to ride everyday and go fast (Yes i ride to work with a backpack on a Factor)

The question is can this aero bike climb??? Yes it does this with ease and even though its an aero i love riding hills with this setup and don't see any disadvantages at all besides maybe huge climbs in Europe but this is Auckland lots of undulation which this bike handles easily.

The Santic brand is also a very unknown one but has sponsored the Wanty Groupe Gobert team which Dion Smith rode for and what a comfortable kit. The padding is so comfortable i order more shorts and don't have any issues with a sore butt. The normal bib shorts are also in my collection and love them just as much, i also wear the carbon sole shoes which are amazing and comfortable and would never go back to the expensive brands at the price i can buy these for.

Wanting to excel your cycling world check out our range or email me for information but best of all check out our reviews on the products from satisfied customers.

Go cycle and make your life fun.


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