Fuel Your Ride with Real Food: Why Skratch is a Cyclist's Secret Weapon

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

Hitting the road (or trail) for a long bike ride requires planning. You wouldn't take your car on a road trip without enough gas, and your body is no different. But for cyclists, traditional sports drinks and gels can sometimes be a recipe for gut trouble and artificial aftertastes.

This is where Skratch comes in. Founded by a sports scientist who saw his athletes struggling with sugary concoctions, Skratch offers a unique approach to cycling nutrition.


Here's why Skratch might be the perfect fuel for your next ride:

  1. Real Food Ingredients: Skratch prioritizes natural ingredients. Their drink mixes boast real fruit flavors, cane sugar for energy, and essential electrolytes to keep you hydrated. No artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors to irritate your stomach.
  2. Hydration Hero: Sweating is a cyclist's reality. Skratch understands this, and their drink mixes are formulated to replace electrolytes lost through sweat. This keeps you feeling balanced and prevents dehydration, a common cause of fatigue and cramps.
  3. Carb Options for Every Ride: Skratch offers a variety of drink mixes with different carbohydrate levels. Whether you're on a casual cruise or tackling a monster climb, there's a Skratch mix to provide the sustained energy you need. Some Skratch products even utilize complex carbohydrates for slower, more controlled energy release.
  4. Taste that Doesn't Quit: Let's face it, some sports drinks taste like punishment. Skratch prioritizes taste, offering a variety of refreshing fruit flavors that won't leave you longing for a real juice box.
  5. Gut-Friendly Fuel: Skratch is designed to be easy on your digestive system. No more worrying about mid-ride stomach woes. Focus on the ride, not your insides!

Skratch isn't just about products, either. They offer a wealth of information on their website about cycling nutrition, helping you develop a personalised fueling plan for your rides. Or get in touch and I can help.

So, ditch the sugary drinks and questionable gels. Skratch offers a delicious, natural way to fuel your cycling adventures and keep you performing at your best. Happy riding!

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