Factor One Bicycle Review (AGR2 Blue)

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

Wow what a bike...... Having spent a while off the bike resting and then getting back into it i realised that the Ceramic Speed BB makes you feel like a PRO.

I am riding a 51cm frame with Factor integrated handlebars, Fizik saddle (STD with these Bikes) Dura ace 9000 Crank (52/36 Chainrings) & Ultegra R8050 Levers, Brakes & Derailleur, BLKTEC C1c (Full Carbon Wheels & yes carbon Spokes) Black Inc bottle cages to top it all off.

Lets start with the saddle as i have always had issues with these, usually uncomfortable or hard to find the one you like for your body. Well this Fizik was comfortable & wow what a difference it has made to my cycling, i can ride everyday and not feel my butt is sore or chaffed. Definitely will not be going to any other brand after this experience and money well spent (Comes standard with the Factor).

As we started our testing a few years ago before i started the online store i used to ride the good old Merida, after my first one i upgraded within a few months to the Reacto, the Velocite Magnus, Keith Rotary & finally the Factor One. With all these rides you pretty much expect the same ride quality but BOOM i got on the Factor and was straight away propelled into the fast lane. The BB ceramic bearings just make pedalling a breeze and keeping the speed on was something that was a struggle for me (Small lad).

The push on the pedals immediately gives me a responsive go and gets up to speed in no time so all in all a fast responsive bike for all aspects of the flats. On the climbs this is where i was amazed at its ability to climb with ease & its an Aero bike....mmmm I could sit and push the pedals and feel like a climber with the added BLKTEC C1c full carbon wheels makes for a light and nimble ride.

Being not at my best fitness level i was amazed how it kept me feeling like i am in the zone and enough energy to keep up a good pace without feeling like i was hitting the wall. When i got to the steeper sections i could up a gear and stand with minimal restrictions and feelings of dread but more of relief this would help and it did. I always test the bikes on y usual circuit around the Waitakeres & out back to Albany for a good test on undulating hills and some good flats to mix it up.

Next challenge will be the Tour De Ranges to see how i match up with the bike as i know it is made to fly but not me just yet. The twin vein split tube is also an interesting feature as it promotes aerodynamics and yes its a fast bike and assume these make it streamlined but does not bother me even in the rain.

The Frameset comes with the Full Aero bars (Bartape Included & Barfly mount for Garmin) Frame, Fork, SeatPost & Seat which is a great deal for the price but quality is never cheap.

I will be riding this bike for a long time and got my eye on the O2 which looks like a dream climbing bike but watch this space for more updates.

Thanks for reading.


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  • Hi Kenneth, thanks for your questions and the bike is not clangy or loud and rides like a smooth road bike should, it is the same as any aero road bike but delivers in the speed and climbing. I use this for my rides to work and weekend rides of 100km to 150km and 1500m of climbing and dont get tired or sore. Definitely worth the money and experience and i dont want any other bike than a Factor VAM :)

    Trevor Barrett on
  • Great info on the One. I’m looking to get the One and I heard that it was a “loud” and “clangy” bike. Is this true? Is it stiff and uncomfortable? I ride daily and go on group rides from time to time. Thanks


    Kenneth on

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