Favero Assioma PRO MX: The Power Meter Pedals That Defy Expectations

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

Power meter pedals have come a long way, and the Favero Assioma PRO MX are leading the charge. In a sea of options, these pedals stand out with a combination of impressive performance, rugged build quality, and a price that's hard to beat. Let's dive into why they might be the perfect upgrade for your bike.

The Standout Features:

  • Accurate and Consistent: The data these pedals deliver is spot-on. They consistently match up to benchmark power meters, giving you the reliable information you need to track and improve your performance.
  • Versatile for All Terrains: Designed for mountain biking and gravel, the Assioma PRO MX's rugged build can handle rough rides. But don't be fooled, they're equally at home on the road, making them a true multi-purpose option.
  • Easy to Swap Between Bikes: No more complex installations! These pedals are a breeze to switch between bikes, so you can track your power no matter which one you're riding.

  • Impressive Battery Life: With a claimed 60-hour battery life, you'll be spending more time riding and less time worrying about recharging.

Real-World Performance:

  • The Assioma PRO MX pedals have proven themselves in testing, easily handling mud and debris without missing a beat. They're not just lab-tested; they're real-world ready.

Minor Drawbacks:

  • There's no such thing as a perfect power meter, and the Assioma PRO MX are no exception. The main consideration is that they use an SPD cleat system, which might not be ideal for road cyclists who prefer a different type of cleat.

The Verdict:

The Favero Assioma PRO MX power meter pedals get incredibly close to being the "perfect" power meter. They deliver excellent data, boast a durable build, offer great battery life, and are surprisingly easy to maintain.

All of this, combined with a competitive price, makes them an outstanding value. If you're not tied to a specific cleat system, these pedals could be the ideal upgrade for almost any bike you own.

Who Should Consider Them:

  • Mountain bikers and gravel riders: Looking for a durable and accurate power meter to track their off-road performance.
  • Cyclists with multiple bikes: Wanting a single power meter solution that's easy to swap between their different rides.
  • Budget-conscious riders: Seeking a high-performance power meter without breaking the bank.

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