Five out of Five Stars for Tailwind Nutrition for Cycling

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

A couple of scoops of Tailwind is all you need for a few hours in the saddle. With a variety of flavour's and a nice, light taste, the regular endurance fuel is great for any effort. Should caffeine be your thing, we've got some caffienated options as well. I love how quickly these mix up and how well they are absorbed in my body.

The Good

  • Easily-absorbed ingredients
  • No gut issues so far
  • Light taste
  • Not overly sticky
  • Fuel and electrolytes all-in-one

As you’re mixing these, there’s no noticeable off-gassing. With other mixes, you often have to pop the top to prevent it from exploding in your face! A couple of firm shakes and you’re good-to-go without any off-gassing. 


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