Review: Favero Assioma Duo Shi power meter

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This is a great review by providing a balanced review of the Favero Assioma Duo Shi power meter which we stock:


Review: Favero Assioma Duo Shi power meter
Reliable, pedal-based, dual-sided power measurement for Shimano pedal users.

Basics: Precise and accurate power meter with rechargeable batteries that’s Shimano-friendly.


  • Excellent value;
  • Accurate and reliable power measurement;
  • Set-it-forget-it ease of use.


  • BYO pedal bodies add cost;
  • Q-factor may not be for everyone;
  • Travel mode requires charging cable to wake.

Our Thoughts

The reliability of these power meter pedals is excellent, and the ease of swapping between bikes makes them an great choice for those with more than a single road bike.

For years, those who wanted power meter pedals had few options other than using Look Keo cleat compatible pedals. Italian manufacturer Favero debuted the Assioma Duo Shi (dual-sided Shimano) power meter some four years after the debut of its Look-compatible version, in 2017.

Unlike the Look compatible version of the power meter, which arrives as complete pedals with power meter spindles and pedal bodies, the Shimano version is sold as power-measuring spindles-only, so you’ll have to bring your own pedal bodies, or make an additional purchase.

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