Who convinced me to do the K2 Cycle Race?!

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

Bike: Velocite Magnus

Wheels: Venn REV35 TCC

So I've been putting in some decent kilometres this winter and feeling pretty fit when a mate asked me if I was keen to do the K2. Yeah why not (it's only known as the toughest one day cycle challenge in the Southern Hemisphere) but we had done the K1 last year so I just needed to add some more kilometres and a few more hills and it should be sweet (are these my famous last words??)

That was a few months ago and I've been riding with the Rouleur Cycle guys. Getting dropped multiple times was the wake up call I needed to get the speed up and cadence on. Averaging 32kph was a feat on its own and I was still 2kph off the mark and that was an easy ride. Perseverance took over and even though I still get dropped two weeks out from the race, my speed has increased and I can keep a great pace.

Then the same mate casually asked if I wanted to ride with the NZC group, get in a little bit of climbing work. Little bit? LOL  So off we went on a Sunday morning for a 144km ride to Warkworth from Albany. No worries eh...well add in winds and heavy rain showers and still not used to the climbing and boom, I dropped off the group. 

This weekend I'm off to do a test run of the K2 course. Nervous? Yep. Excited? You bet. I'll be on my Velocite Magnus with Venn REV35 TCC wheels so I'll be putting them through their paces. I'll let you know how I get on...maybe ;D

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