Launch of the Brand New Design TOA by MICHALE PRYDE

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We have been supporters of Chapter2 for many years before i started my store, when you talk about heritage and a brand this has it all.

Neil Pryde who is a Kiwi and made the best Global brand NeilPryde and passed on the design genius to Mike who has made the NeilPryde bikes and now the Chapter2 bikes we have with our own Kiwi heritage.

Their local monthly Bunchie ride is a great time to meet and chat to Mike himself and learn more about the range of bikes and also to interact with the designer.

You dont get a chance to meet and talk to the Owner & Designer of a bike brand....

The launch of the TOA has been a game changer for the brand, offering Disc only Frame but fully integrated handlebars. Plus you can add some good 32mm tires so no need to have a different frame you have it all Road & Gravel in one.

Chapter2 TOA - 2-½ years in development with every detail carefully considered and meticulously executed, the TOA is the culmination of all the CHAPTER2 frames that have come before it. TOA which means "to be victorious, win" in Maori delivers an all-out, no-compromise carbon fibre race-ready frame platform designed, engineered, and manufactured to the most exacting standards.

Inspired by the TERE’s Performance All-Road DNA and the AO’s versatility, the TOA has all its cables/hoses tucked away from sight and the wind, creating an aerodynamically seamless transition between the MANA Bar and the TOA’s Kamm-Tail chassis.

Sporting a T47 Bottom Bracket for easy maintenance, the aluminum BB Shell works in unison with the high-tensile carbon carefully laid into the BB area to increase stiffness by up to 7.3% over the TERE. Additionally, the use of a Latex mandrel for the whole front triangle has increased the Headtube stiffness by 23.5% over the TERE for that out of the saddle and power to the pedals moment.

Other enhancements such as the bundled MANA Bar, Quick-Fit headset spacers, up to 32mm of tire clearance, vibration dampening Seatstays and Seatpost makes for a package that ticks all the right boxes.

The TOA is available in our timeless Essential Collection for those who want a sleek and technical aesthetic. However, if standing out in the crowd is your demeanor; the TOA is also available in our exclusive Limited Edition colours for that much-coveted design statement that is sure to turn heads.



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