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I know it sounds obvious that wearing a fluorescent cycling vest makes you much more visible than ordinary bike clothing. However, I see so many cyclists in bad or dark weather conditions without one. Drivers will see you farther away in fluorescent clothing and have more time to react to you. You don’t want to surprise them.

Research done by Bicycling Magazine concluded “when cyclists wear fluorescent clothing, a driver’s perception distance (i.e when the driver first spots something on the road) increases from 400 feet to 2,200 feet during the day.” That’s a dramatic advantage!

The Tineli Fluro Vest is made from high visibility yellow polyester with reflective piping front and rear. You will be highly visible to traffic day and night but without looking like a road-worker!

"I bought a couple of these so I could keep one at work if I ever had to cycle home later than planned and the other stays in my pack. Great product, highly recommend."

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