Lockdown Update

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

Well i am sure you are all over having to spend it Indoors or Local Old Skool keep to your street, finally time to get out with some bubble mates and feel the wind in your hair....

While doing my usual online viewing of YouTube and some Cycling shows i always come across great companies & products. We decided to approach Winspace and had a great meeting with them and to look at extending the range into New Zealand.

Their products have been used extensively in UCI races and sponsor the Minsk Cycling Club to ensure their products meet and excel in the world of cycling. Besides the Frames they also have Carbon Wheels called the 'HYPER & PRIME' which are lightweight and the Hyper comes with Ceramic bearings for improved rolling resistance.

We will add more of these great products as we build our brand and offering as we want to keep you all in the best products at a great price.

Thanks for reading.


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