REVIEW: Bryton S800 GPS Computer

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

Bryton might not be top of mind when you think of the best cycling computers however, the Bryton S800 packs a lot into a small unit with multiple functionality, long battery life and a good-sized screen that doesn’t swamp your bars.

I've been using the Bryton S800 for about 6 months and I'm really happy with it, especially because I normally need glasses to read smaller screens but this one is large enough (3.4") for semi-blind riders like me!

The interactive display allows you to switch between speedometer display, map and your data screen. I find the GPS connectivity very stable and the battery life is the best I've had to date compared to other cycling computers.

"This is an upgrade from the 420 to s800. I need glasses to read and the s800 has large clear numbers which are easy to see. Easy to setup and configure. Competitively priced. I plan to stick with Bryton for the foreseeable future. Trev's cycle - highly recommended. Prompt reply's and answers to technical questions." Peter Y

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