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The Falath Evolution (Falath EVO) is a UCI-compliant aerodynamic road bike frame. The EVO has evolved from the previous Falath Pro and builds upon its current outstanding performance in terms of aerodynamics. Extensively revised, when compared to its predecessor, the Falath EVO has a thinner and taller downtube along with a more aerodynamic design at the seat-stay, A noticeable handlebar drop has also produced a lower and more aerodynamic riding position. Our team of dedicated engineers are committed to the evolution of the Falath family through the technical innovation of this bold and exciting design. Elves Bikes . . . Why compromise?

I have just finished building this bike and the quality and aesthetics of the 52cm frameset, 56mm Orome wheelset and 400 wide x 90mm stem Orome integrated aero bars is excellent. The bike complete with a Shimano 105 di2 groupset weighed in at 7.6kg minus pedals. The Elves 3d printed carbon seat feels and looks amazing.

More importantly was the professional and outstanding customer service provided by Trev. He consistently kept me updated on production timelines, manufacturing details and any relevant information, recommendations and extensive industry knowledge to address concerns or alleviate all of the unknown factors when custom ordering a bike offshore. I couldn’t have asked for anymore from a distributor. I have yet to ride the bike and I plan to give a 3 month rider experience review after clocking up some miles. 


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