Santic Kit supplier to the Wanty - Gobert Group Cycling Team 2018

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

The transition to 2018 is the perfect time to unveil our outfit for the new season. Wanty-Groupe Gobert has entered into a partnership with the Chinese clothing manufacturer Santic. The idea and the dominant colors remain unchanged and match the new Cube C:68 Litening frame. The navy blue and fluorescent colors will make our jersey inevitable again in the peloton in 2018. Thomas Degand and Xandro Meurisse present our new outfit, that will enter competition for the first time around the shoulders of Dion Smith at the national championship in New Zealand on January 7th.

Santic is a Chinese sports textile manufacturer based in Jinjiang, at the east coast of China. Founded in 2005, Santic is the leader of the textile market for cycling in Asia, both in terms of design and production of technical clothing. With his oriental roots, Santic now also wants to conquer the western market. By working together with the ambitious Wanty-Gobert team, the Asian textile manufacturer hopes to increase its visibility to secure a solid base in Europe.

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