BLKTEC C1c Carbon Wheels review

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

Wow what a set of wheels, looking at the pictures online does not do these justice.

I have ridden many different wheelsets and always wondered why people pay so much for wheels..... WELL now i know why.........

These roll & climb like a dream with the downhills are a Major adrenaline rush & steering goes where you want it to go, i can stand and climb some steep climbs and find it more comfortable than seating. Tried these on my first long ride after a month with the NZC Cycling group, we started in Albany and rode out towards Stillwater, Silverdale, Wainui, Peak Road, Waimauku, Riverhead and Ridge road back to Rosedale.

My fatigue levels were on the edge at the end but was climbing like a champ (In my Head lol) Using Peak Road near Helensville as the main challenge which has long climbs over 15km makes for a tough test on the body; as i also had not ridden over 100km in a very long time.

Overall i have found these amazing and maybe the only disadvantage would be in strong winds due to the Wider spokes, but that would be considered as extra resistance training. Stiff and responsive when accelerating and the rolling is great just keeps on rolling & rolling. I had the chance to try them in the pouring rain and once again great braking power and no issues with stopping or slowing in fast curvy downhills which made me feel a whole lot better for the coming cold winter rides in the Waitakere mountains.

Definitely to be considered when shopping for wheels and all warranties are held in NZ and get local service & repairs.

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