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Velocite Cycles & VENN Wheels Now Available in NZ

The new wheel on the block straight from Taiwan to NZ, these wheels have featured on the GCN show for its award-winning design. We have imported two variations of the rim wheels as these are the most popular rims globally for competitive and social cyclists.

Velocite CycleTrevcycleshop ( was born out of wanting a great new brand in NZ which can be purchased for the social and adventurous cycling person. So it's products like these rims that have been tested and made to the highest quality we get excited about stocking. Me and my cycling group have tested these rims and it's two thumbs up all around.

We also stock Velocite bicycles (Magnus, Tor & SYN). The SYN bicycle was created for aerodynamics and has had numerous global reviews. The Magnus is a racing breed of bicycle which I can confirm is easy to ride, pushing you to go faster! 

Venn Rev 35 TUC tubular wheels - Rim Brake

Venn Rev 35 TUC tubular wheels - Rim Brake

The 35mm deep and 27mm wide rim profile and the +45/-45-degree carbon fibre winding angle results in wheels that are laterally very stiff, but vertically compliant increasing the responsiveness and road holding ability when compared to traditional carbon wheels. The wheels are compatible with tubular tires.

Venn Alter 44 TCC tubeless clincher wheels - Rim Brake

The Venn Alter rims are made using Venn's novel CTL manual layup process. The Alter are designed to accommodate wider tires. The 44mm deep and 26mm wide U-shaped profile provides a very strong platform allowing them to reduce the rim weight to just 430g and still deliver exceptional strength.

The Venn Alter wheels are the only carbon wheels in the market that are made primarily for cyclocross or gravel bike use.

The rims are compatible with clincher or tubeless clincher tires that when used with a sealant virtually eliminate the inconvenience of having a flat tire away from home, or during a race.

Product information including Rim & Disc variations -

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