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Being online only and not having a physical store like most bike shops in NZ, means sometimes customers are unsure where I'm based and if there's an actual person behind the store.
So hi, I'm Trevor (yep, that Trev) a passionate cyclist living in West Auckland who rides weekly and tries to keep up with the big hitters but fails more often than not, but I have lot's of fun trying new products!
I enjoy doing solo rides, where I get to cruise and take cool videos and photos or meeting my cycling friends and look forward to the CHAPTER2 Bikes Ride once a month with Mike Pryde - as he's a wealth of knowledge and has lots of great stories of his time as a racer.
The C2 brand he's built takes a lot of guts and persistence which motivates me to keep on supplying products to the community but I do carry limited stock and sometimes import direct from suppliers - which I'm very upfront about.
So my business is local and I do my best to support other local suppliers when I can πŸ‘
I started the business to cater for a niche market as we're part of the smaller dealer network in NZ and also did a lot of research on overseas suppliers who were either in the UCI events or had a great brand and supplied other OEM companies (Elves Brand in particular).
The main focus was to build a core service brand offering honest up front help for all cyclists, and being available to assist in your purchases.
The reviews from my great customers who have supported me for many years (love you all for getting us this far) should provide some confidence that there's an actual person behind our online store.
So just because we don't have an actual shop (which means I can pass the overheads paid by the bigger stores onto you), I can still provide great service and you'll often find me replying via text or messenger outside of traditional trading hours because I understand that we're often busy during the day - how many big stores do you see doing that?
Thanks for listening and attached is my Crows climb with my Factor One V1 on Hyper Wheels so you know I use and review all the products before I sell them πŸ˜€
Happy Cycling πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ

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  • Hi Trevor

    Looking for a bike computer with go’s display to help me know where I’m going and keep tracking progress.

    Was looking at bryton 750 do you have it in stock nz or can you recommend something?



    Chris on

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