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We are continuing our search for the best Cycling products & supporting Local NZ businesses (NZ Distribution Businesses)

Welcome to Speedpro Cycling to our Kiwi Shores:

SPEEDPRO cycling is a dynamic and competitive company, which was established in 2016 by 2 ex World Tour riders Jonathan Cantwell and Matthew Goss.

Once competitors at cycling’s highest level, ex WorldTour professionals, Jonathan Cantwell and Matthew Goss, have remained heavily invested in the cycling industry, coming together as business partners to form Speedpro Cycling.

Producing performance carbon wheels, cockpit parts and frames, Speedpro Cycling’s has “uncompromised quality” while remaining affordable for the majority of cycling enthusiasts. 

Both Goss and Cantwell agree that time on the WorldTour circuit helped nut out the elements of a worthy wheel, “We know what it feels like to ride good wheels and we know what it feels like to ride bad wheels” explains Goss. For Cantwell, it comes down to credibility “I spent many years as a pro athlete, I know what wheels feel like and how they should respond” - emphasising the point that if he didn’t 100% trust the performance of the wheels himself, it would not be offered to our consumers.

Our commitment is to deliver high quality products, with industry-leading service. We strive to always make the finest products we can and to keep pushing the envelope in every way possible.

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