Factor One V1 still going Strong - 3 year review

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

Well looking back at my first review of this bike which was 3 years ago seems like yesterday, alot has changed since then and Factor has also done amazing things for the future of cycling.

What can i say this bike has taken me over 8000 km and still keeps on going, handles like a dream on he downhills and dont feel twitching at all, loves to climb and still beating a few PRs on strava around Auckland.

The ceramic speed BB still going strong and never had any issues, had an accident in Taupo and besides a smashed carbon wheel no issues with the carbon and still runs like a dream. 

After sales service from Factor has been great and having to replace and out front mount which they gladly made me a new (Yes made) which was shipped to me within 10 days, where do you get service like this from a major bike brand?

The frame is stiff and responsive but have done alot of 150km rides and felt great afterwards, the riding position has also been good and when climbing i have found it easy to get out of the seat and drive the power and can stand for a good while without having to sit down which for me was hard on the other brands i rode.

The technical side i leave to the experts but as an everyday rider i have lobed this bike and will keep it in my bike range for many years to come - just need to get an Ostro now.



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