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We have been looking for another Nutrition range that was unique and different and have linked up with SANA Nutrition, they currently sponsor the Lotto Soudal team so we know they are of great quality and keep you on the move.

By cycling one hour your body consumes quickly 500-600 kilocalories (depending on the intensity of course ). So you can imagine that it is definitely not a bad idea refueling on energy during trips of several hours. This can be done in the form of gels and bars. Here too, the composition of these products is important. Our formulas are composed in such a way to reduce stomach upset. Our products have been tested and approved in the Pro World Tour peloton.

After exercise you need to think of your recovery as quickly as possible. This allows you to avoid many problems afterwards. Cramps and muscle pain belong to the past when you choose the right recovery drink. It contains 70% carbohydrates and 30% protein and is consumed as soon as possible after the effort (within 30 minutes). The carbohydrates to give the body the signal to start up the muscle recovery where the proteins are used as building blocks for this. An alternative to a recovery drink can be a protein bar. Easy to carry and delicious too !!


Our cyclists have, because of their extremely high nutrient consumption, also a higher need for vitamins, minerals, ... This can be administerd under the form of food supplements. For this we work together with Sanas since 2015. But they mean much more to us than that.

They have their own production in Belgium, led by pharmacists and scientists. Through their knowledge they can think along with us so we can optimize their products together for our cyclists. This is priceless for us. 

They have a very wide range and can therefore meet almost all our questions. There was somebody of Sanas along with us on our winter training camp to speak to the team about their specific needs and questions. Several new products were introduced. Our riders have grown fond of their Power Crunch protein bars, an ideal alternative to take in enough protein.


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