Why Vittoria Air-Liner Inserts Should Be in Your Tyres

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

If you're looking to conquer trails or roads with more confidence and comfort, then Vittoria Air-Liner inserts are a game-changer. These innovative tyres inserts offer a whole range of benefits for both mountain bikers (MTB); gravel and road cyclists.

Fewer Flats:

Punctures are a pain, bringing your ride screeching to a halt. Air-Liners act as a protective barrier, preventing rim strikes that can pinch your tube or damage tubeless setups. They also allow you to run lower tyres pressure for increased grip without worrying about pinch flats.

Improved Control:

Air-Liners are made from a high-density polymer that absorbs trail chatter and vibration. This translates to a smoother, more comfortable ride, especially on rough terrain. Additionally, the insert helps to maintain the tyres's shape, providing better sidewall stability and cornering control.

Road Ready Performance:

Vittoria offer a version specifically designed for road tubeless tyres. The Air-Liner Road is lightweight and allows you to run lower pressures for increased comfort and reduced road buzz, without sacrificing responsiveness.

Easy Installation:

While installing tyres inserts can add a step to your pre-ride routine, Vittoria makes it as simple as possible. The Air-Liner is designed to work with standard tubeless valves and most tubeless-ready tyres. 

"My personal puncture experience happened on a fairly fast descent (~27-28 mph). My rear tyre instantly deflated after getting sliced by a piece of glass but the insert kept the rear end supported so I was able to easily and safely come to a stop. If I were on a regular tubeless (or tubed) set-up I’d probably have damaged my nice carbon rim while stopping. In a worst-case scenario, I might have lost control and crashed.

After examining my shredded tyre (and cleaning the poo from my bibs), it was clear that a tyre plug wouldn’t fix it. I also wasn’t carrying any tubes! So I cruised home — a bit over 10 miles — on the Vittoria Air-Liner. I went pretty slow, but I was impressed I was able to keep riding."

Overall, Vittoria Air-Liner inserts are a compelling upgrade for any cyclist who wants to experience the benefits of:

  1. Improved puncture resistance
  2. Increased comfort and traction
  3. Better tyres stability and control

So, if you're tired of flats and want to get the most out of your rides, consider adding Vittoria Air-Liners to your tyres. They might just be your new secret weapon!

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