Giro d'Italia 2018 - Trevs Review

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

One of the great cycling races in the world and brutal on the body, 21 Stages of pure strength & mental alertness just to manage this race.

The buzz & hype of the Giro has always been close to my heart; the passion and people support this great event and with this years racing back in action looks like the TDF (Tour De France) has a lot to live up to.

Simon Yates from Michelton Scott causing a good stir and maintaining Pink right till the end, loving the backstage pass videos which creates the personal touch to meeting the team. Then we have the awesome Kiwi George Bennett taking the Giro by storm and making a Kiwi first in 8th Place; he is riding like a world champ and looks like he could be in line for a bigger team but hope Lotto keep him on for another season.

Besides all the action it was great to see the attacking and teams willing to play the dice and gamble some more, this made for great cycling and exactly what a spectator expects. The riders are top class to even try this race and Dumoulin still keeping his 2nd Intact after big feat of Chris Froome...

Lets hope we can get the same racing in the TDF but hope this is the way the GIRO gets ridden every year, hope to get my turn to follow the race in Italy and feel the excitement first hand.


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