REVIEW: SwissStop Disc 34 RS pads

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

SwissStop's Disc 34 RS Pads are a great upgrade for any bike facing hard conditions. They remain silent in grotty weather, wear slowly and while they're more expensive than the stock pads, they don't cost a fortune.

SwissStop has provided the upgrade of silence with its Disc 34 RS pads. It might not sound like the best upgrade, but when you've heard the howl of contaminated disc brakes, you'll pay anything for a quiet system.

They performed well on steep descents, allowing me to slow down rapidly from high speeds. They also offer loads of modulation which further improves their performance in the rain.

Installing the pads is simple. Just pop the old ones out and slot these in. You'll need to do some bedding in of the pads but this is quick to do on a short ride. I just pulled hard on the brakes when heading down a couple of steep hills.

The pads are designed to fit all the latest Shimano callipers from Dura-Ace down to Tiagra, along with Shimano 'non-series' brakes. Once fitted, I can't say that I've had to touch them. It makes the pads very easy to live with.



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