The Xplova NOZA S Smart Trainer is an Interactive Smart Trainer.

Posted by Trevor Barrett on

As we head into colder weather you can move your challenges from outdoor to indoor with the Xplova NOZA S Smart trainer. Smooth, Stable and Quiet!

The Xplova NOZA S Smart Trainer is a hidden gem in the trainer market that offers exceptional performance and value for money. The trainer has the backing and input from technology giant Acer and provides market-leading performance. 

Extremely Powerful

By generating resistance up to 2,500 watts and simulating climbs up to a 18% grade, the Xplova NOZA S is easily able to deliver during your most intense training sessions. The best in class that allows you to push your limit!

Highly Accurate and Consistent

With temperature compensation technology, six pole electromagnetic brake, and built-in strain gauge.

Fantastic Road Feel

With this direct drive trainer, you can experience well-simulated inertia and realistic ride feel. Plus the adjustable leg allows you to maintain a level riding position depending on what size front wheel you have.

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