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Venn Alter 44 TCC Wheels


RRP: $1600


Venn Cycling are a relatively new company based in Belgium and Taiwan, specialising in rims and wheels. Their name derives from the English mathematician and philosopher John Venn and the company pride themselves on their strong relationship between science, engineering, manufacturing and service.

Venn’s Alter 44 TCC tubeless wheels promise less flats but more speed. Weighing in at only 430gm (Rim Weight Only) the wheel design ensures a light but strong ride. They are built with cyclocross and gravel in mind – now we’re talking!

Having been off my roadie since February with an injury, I needed all the assistance I could get on my first road ride of the year.

What initially caught my attention was the wheelset’s lightweight feel, they made my first hill climb a joy - until my lungs blew out. The 26mm wide rim allows you to run a wider tyre and lower pressure which makes for a more comfortable ride on our Kiwi roads, and did I mention the gravel?

Something I was not used to was the noise of the carbon and the light ride on the downhills when hit with a cheeky cross wind. I had to quickly adapt my descending technique to lean slightly into the wind and onto the front wheel and pedal, pedal, pedal.

The flats were a dream, as they run sweet when they get up to speed. You can’t beat the feeling of fast wheels on smooth tarmac with the sights and smells a blur around you. A wonderful welcome back to the bike!

If you are looking for some tidy, reasonably-priced wheels to bridge the gap between road and all terrain, the Venn Alter 44 wheels are a good find. Now, off to find some more gravel!

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