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Posted by Trevor Barrett on

When i started my store about 4 years ago i always dreamed of having some big brand names in my online store, but i wanted to have unique brands and not the mainstream ones. 

Then this great Brand called Chapter 2 arrived in NZ and was amazed that it had a great Kiwi heritage and with it being designed here was magical, i have always following them on FB & Insta but was always wishing i could afford to have the privilege of putting it in my shop.

Thanks to Mike & Neil Pryde for creating such an amazing Company and Brand that is growing Globally, i now have the privilage to be able to have these Bikes in my Store. 

Lets support Local NZ products and Brands as i have always wanted to help other LBS or NZ Distributor. The NZ market is a hard one with these overseas companies selling products cheaper but without the NZ warranty, but we are here to give you these amazing unique and special edition bikes.

Supporting Trev means you are support Chapter2.


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